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Mark Hall of Casting Crowns
Mark Hall of Casting Crowns
Lee Strobel
Lee Strobel
Pastor Kenny Luck
Pastor Kenny Luck
Larry Kreider, President & CEO of The Gathering
Larry Kreider, President & CEO of The Gathering

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"I've heard some amazing stories, testimonies of people that have come to Christ, but I don't know that I've ever heard a more unusual one than that of Michael Franzese."
Greg Laurie, Senior Pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, CA

"This former mafia prince is now a humble man whose story God is using to inspire and change others. His story challenged, blessed, and was transformational in thousands of lives. Michael is the real deal and a humble follower of Jesus."
Gene Appel, Lead Pastor Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA

"Michael Franzese is a trophy of God's grace. His testimony is riveting."
Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church, San Diego, CA

"As director of the documentary IMPACT with Michael Franzese and students at risk, I must say that every Youth Pastor, Administrator, Teacher, Probation Officer, anyone who works with youth must see GOD THE FATHER. Michael can get to the heart and soul of any generation. I remember seeing Michael talking to 500 students, and some of these students were hard core "gang bangers" Michael took a step forward , looked straight out into the audience "I was in the biggest gang in the world, if I got out, you can get out, And if you don't know how, come see me ". I guess it takes a former "Bad Boy" to communicate with a bad boy to cut to the chase. When I first approached Michael to make a movie with our high school students at risk , he said "My dear we are all at risk".
Florene Villane, College Professor, Independent Film Director

"Michael Franzese's story speaks directly to the power of the Gospel of Christ. For thousands of years, the Gospel has redeemed even the most hardened, broken, rebellious individuals through an authentic, transformational encounter with Christ. He has done that in Michael's life ... He's doing it many times over in the lives of kids we work with ... and I pray He uses Michael's testimony to inspire many more."
Dan Wolgemuth, President/CEO, Youth for Christ

"Michael's personal testimony of his own changed life leaves audiences inspired to face their own personal challenges."
Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor Rock Church, San Diego, CA

"This could be, for all church leaders, your biggest evangelistical event of 2014, much like the Passion of Christ was ten years ago!"
Pastor Ray Parascando, Crossroads Church of Staten Island

"God the Father is an amazing story of how a man comes to power within a mafia family, how he loses that power, and then how he finds true power through a relationship through Jesus Christ...It's a wonderful story of redemption and power, and organized crime - a real life drama about spiritual transformation. You see a man rise up from the ashes to be a worldwide influence for Jesus Christ...it brings hope to men, women, and people stuck in bad places."
– Pastor Kenny Luck, President & Founder of Every Man Ministries

"Seldom will you see a movie that so dramatically presents how a man can be trapped in darkness, yet find the light of Christ, and be released into a whole new life he never thought was possible. We're mobilizing our men in several cities to pre-purchase tickets, to use this movie as a way to invite their friends – friends who may be trapped in darkness or in dire circumstance – to see how there can be hope."
Larry Kreider, President & CEO of The Gathering, USA

"It's easy to focus on Michael's story because it's the juicy Mob story that fascinates everyone in today's society. But I'm fascinated by his wife Cammy's role in Michael's life because she was pivotal to his moving from darkness to light. Look at society's and women's fascination with "bad boys" -- most people would just give into the glamour and edginess of the Mob life. How many would have the courage, faith and fortitude that Cammy did to lead him away from the Godfather to God the Father? Her story may not have the "cache" of his Mob story, but it's equally important to reflect and learn from both their stories of faith and conversion and their journey to God."
Dr. J.C. Alvarez, Ed D, Motivational Programs/Writer, Appeared in "Impact"